March 5, 2022

The Home Game. Mini Episode #5 Tommy: "Children Are The Future...Let Them Lead The Way"

The Home Game. Mini Episode #5 Tommy:

This is our next "Fun Sized" episode to listen to as you wait for the next regular episode of the show to be released. We have a special guest play the games to set the bar for YOU to try and beat while you listen. Our special guest Tommy is our youngest guest on the show and represents the Generation Z or "Zoomers" out there. For those who have Gen Z kids, this might make a fun episode for you to play against them and see how well they do. :)

We feature a new game in the episode called "Sing Your Life". We welcome back the game "In a World, Coming Soon" and have topics that include The Goonies, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and more in round one!

Join the fun and the effort to save Generation X from being forgotten.

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