Who Will Save Generation X


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Keeping the memories alive

Finally something to help me never forget the memories I had growing up in this era. Great blend of facts, humor and intrigue. Will be a life long subscriber.

Saving Gen X

Highly recommend this game show for all generations. It goes into trivia of classic movies, music, and pop culture. There are different types of games played and that keeps it entertaining. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a little nostalgia or just a refresher on what was popular during the 80s.

A fun listen for Gen-Xers!

This is a fun game show podcast for Generation X and others who are amused by them. HIGHLY recommended. What? You haven't listened to 'em yet?? Come on! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

I can relive my childhood!

I found this podcast by pure luck! I love the trivia as well as sparking memories that have faded. Keep up the GREAT work!!

So happy I found this!

I am loving this podcast so much! Just found it, and it is my new happy place :-) I just wish they dropped episodes more frequently!!

Fun game, excellent gameplay, and lolz

Zabe is a great host, the format of friend-guests make for fun gameplay, and the audio drops make for lolz

Simply Fun

This is like the Stranger Things of podcasts. It’s an entertaining walk down memory lane.

Awesome game show host

I just love this podcast “Zabe” (your host) is so hilarious! I love the concept it seems all involved are having a great time! Looking forward to more podcasts:)

Millennial Fan

As a cusp millennial (1985) there are a lot about my upbringing that is heavily influenced by Gen X. I really enjoy the way this podcast hits the nostalgia feels. The well placed and selected sound bites make the feels that much more impactful. The vibes are lighthearted and fun. The host’s voice and humor are great. I definitely recommend a listen and subscribe! -Ahki H.

Saving a generation one question at a time.

I am not a big podcast listener, but I am hooked on this one. Love the format, the banter, and the obvious thought and energy put into the project. Well done!!

It’s the Podcast You never knew you wanted

The forgotten generation? The sandwich generation? The dumping ground generation? Whatever you want to call Gen X, they (we) need saving. This podcast is brave enough to ask who said savior shall be!!!! Mr. Szabo brings his irreverent style to the podcast and the entertainment value exceeds white noise. It will make you think, laugh, cry, itchy and have other physical and emotional manifestations. Five stars!!!!

This might save Gen X!

Great format, fun questions and nostalgia, perfect music and sound, are all brought together to create are really good time. This podcast has “the power”.