Aug. 22, 2022

The Home Game Mini Episode #10 Cam: "Watch Out For That Treeee!"

The Home Game Mini Episode #10 Cam:

If you're a fan of George of the Jungle, Gilligan's Island, or The A Team, this might be one you ~especially like~.

This is our next "Fun Sized" episode to listen to as you wait for the next regular episode of the show to be released. Our special guest Cam plays the games to set the high score for YOU to try and beat while you listen. Keep track of your score and see which rank you get at the end of the episode.

This episode features the games "Second Guessing" and “In a world, Coming Soon” as well as trivia about the TV shows Gilligan's Island, The A-Team, George Of The Jungle and much more in round one! We also continue with "The Power Struggle" game and open it up to YOU to see if you can be the first member of our newsletter to get it correct and win the prize package. See the link below to sign up for the newsletter to be eligible to win, good luck!

Stay tuned at the end for the first ever guest challenge. Will former guest and 2-time champion Donny accept Cam's challenge?

Join the fun and the effort to save Generation X from being forgotten.

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