Dec. 19, 2021

S1 EP 20 Alex vs Jen: Up Your Nose With a Rubber Hose

S1 EP 20 Alex vs Jen: Up Your Nose With a Rubber Hose

Dude! This episode was so much fun to make with our two rad contestants: Jen and Alex. The Facts of Life this episode is on...The Facts of Life. Eight Is Enough topics include trivia on Judy Blume, Taxi, Welcome Back Kotter and much more. Dysfunctional Family Feud is very close and the winner just MIGHT surprise you.

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You can find Alex's amazing podcast and eavesdrop on her conversation while her and friends as they discuss race and womanhood at the hearth

And you can find Jenny Dalton and information about her book for all the bullied girls out there who are now in their 40s, 50s, 60s, who didn’t have the resources girls have today to help support them through tough friendship challenges at:

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