May 3, 2021

EP 8 Keri v Sam "I have Xavier Roberts name tattooed on my butt too!"

EP 8 Keri v Sam

Guest Sam and Keri keep Gen X alive with great stories and humor. It was a thrill to have these creative geniuses on the show. This is a can't miss episode. Eight Is Enough topics include trivia on Prince, Princess Diana, Cabbage Patch Kids, celebrating "Big Hair" and much more.The Facts of Life game is all about John Hughes films with a #1 that might surprise you..or whatever.

Special Shout-Out to Pateron subscriber "Ace Nasbert Sr." who became our most recent Patreon supporter. Ace, you're doing your part to save Generation X. Thanks a ton! Please enjoy your special shout-out sound clip at the end of the episode.


Show Notes:

Links from my guests

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The Salty Pod (podcast): I've checked it out. It's a good listen if you're into current pop culture and more.

Keri: Really cool candles made with sustainability in mind. Check out all the great gift ideas she has to offer for that difficult to shop for person in your life.







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