Jan. 23, 2023

Ep 31 Cam vs Donovan "Challenge Accepted...Brother!"

Ep 31 Cam vs Donovan

If you're a fan of Better Off Dead, Star Wars, or Airplane! then this is one you might ~especially like~.

This episode we honor the challenge that was put out a few episodes back on a Home Game show. We had a WWF-style challenge and today that challenge has been answered. We welcome back TWO-time champ Donovan (and son Tommy) and also welcome back former Home Game guest and challenger, Cam to bring plenty of laughs as we play games and reminisce about the cool stuff of Generation X. The Facts of Life game this episode is a head-to-head challenge about TV sitcoms. Eight Is Enough topics include trivia on movies Better Off Dead, Star Wars and Airplane! as well as TV trivia from shows we grew up with and so much more. Dysfunctional Family Feud was very close and had a surprise ending that you won't want to miss.

Join the fun and the effort to save Generation X from being forgotten.

Special shout-out to newest Patreon supporter: Paul!! Thanks so much, you're doing your part to save Generation X!

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