April 20, 2022

EP 23 Keith vs Sam: A Nice Surprise In Your CHiP's

EP 23 Keith vs Sam: A Nice Surprise In Your CHiP's

We have been super busy recording content that it's been hard to get time to produce episodes; sorry for the delay. This episode welcomes back 1 former guest to the show and welcomes a new guest to share their memories of the cool stuff that made GenX so special. We had a lot of fun making the episode and hope you'll enjoy listening. The Facts of Life game this episode is about the greatest cast members of SNL from the 80's. Eight Is Enough topics include trivia on Back to the Future, Groundhog Day, CHiP's and you'll find out what the worst Happy Meal Toy of the generation was; you don't want to miss it. We also have a fun round of Dysfunctional Family Feud that leads of a great Prize Vault this episode!

Join the fun and the effort to save Generation X from being forgotten.

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