Aug. 15, 2022



We are super stoked to tell you about our new game, The Power Struggle. The best part of this game, is we get to play it with you!

HOW IT WORKS: The Power Struggle is a new addition to both our regular and Home Game episodes. In each episode, we're going to play a string of 5 clips and it's up to our on-show contestants and YOU to correctly identify each clip in the order it was played.

If one of the episode's contestants can correctly identify each clip in order, they win the Struggle and take The Power. BUT if they cannot correctly identify the clips, then The Power Struggle is turned over to you, which means you have the chance to win The Power Struggle.

When this happens, all you have to do is be first to submit a response with all five clips identified correctly and in order will win THE POWER.

How do you submit a response? The answer is simple: if you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter. We send out announcements when The Power is up for grabs, and link to a form where you can submit your responses. Good luck!